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We've made thousands of printed books for iPhoto users and they get the best in terms of quality, value and convenience. We use the same production presses and imported premium materials to make each photo book up to international standards. You save not only on the book and extra page cost but also on shipping, and you can easily ask us to fix anything you are unhappy with.

If you use Apple's iPhoto, then you can use its worderful photo book feature and just send us the file. You can bring the PDF file to any of our retail outlets or you can upload the file online.

There are 2 steps in uploading:

Step 1: Fill in the Form
Step 2: Upload the file

How to Create PictureBooks on your Mac Using iPhoto
If you've never used iPhoto to create a book or calendar you'll be amazed at how simple and fun it is to actually do. First, you should compile the photos you want to include into an album within iPhoto, try to already put them in the sequence you want it on the book. You can also re-arrange it once you ar ein the Book mode but pre-arranging makes it easier.
Once your album is arranged look for the "Book" icon on iPhoto's lower toolbar, it will open the Book making feature. Next, you should choose the Size and the Theme that you want for your book or calendar. You can select "Autoflow" for starters and iPhoto will lay-out your book in sequence. You can then do some rearranging and add captions of your own. For calendars just go ahead and choose the calendar option and just let us know the size you want, we resize it downwards with little or no quality problems.
When the book or calendar is done, right-click (or ctrl-click) anywhere on the book, card or calendar and you should see an option "save as PDF", give your file an appropriate name and save it as a PDF file. It's important not to use "File>Print>Save as PDF" as that uses a different page setting and may result in pages with uneven white borders. See More
Save the file to somewhere easy to find, if you're bringing it into our store, just transfer it to a memory card or a CD-ROM
If you prefer to upload the file just go through our Upload:Picturebooks page.
For best results we recommend taking your photos from your camera and dropping them straight into iPhoto. We find the best results are when there are very few things done to the photo such as resizing, changing of resolutions, especially outside of iPhoto. Our system is calibrated to the output of iPhoto.

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