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• What is PictureBooks Publisher?

PictureBooks Publisher is free software that facilitates our publishing services, turning your life’s best moments into products such as photo books, greeting cards, posters, personalized calendars that can last lifetime.

The software allows you to simply drag-and-drop photos and to place captions, with simpler, easier and more fun to use design effects, backgrounds, page styles, and colour palettes to customize your own photo product.

• How to install PictureBooks Publisher?

On our website - download page, please find your Operating System and click the “Download” button, follow the instructions on your screen:

Windows Installation:

1. Locate the installer you downloaded (probably on your downloads or on your desktop).

2. Double-click the PictureBooks Publisher installer icon to launch the installation wizard, and follow the directions.

3. Double-click the PictureBooks Publisher icon to launch PictureBooks Publisher, and you’re now ready to create a photo product.

Mac OS Installation:

1. Drag and drop PictureBooks Publisher icon into your application folder. (If you happen to have other versions of PictureBooks Publisher not residing in your applications folder, please drag the older version to the trash)

2. To launch PictureBooks Publisher, open the PictureBooks Publisher folder located inside your Applications folder, then double-click the PictureBooks Publisher application.

• When I create a project with PictureBooks Publisher, does the application automatically store/create a folder for my used photos in its directory?

No, your project files/photos will remain on where it is located.

It’s important to keep your original used images/photos/files organized and in the same place as when you are creating your project, when it’s time to send the project to us, the software actually looks for the photos at the original location of the files. If the files have been moved before you finish the project, the software will ask you to re-import the files or the software will not continue.

Please do not move the file until your project is completely finished and your order has been successfully processed and captured by our main system.

• When I am finished with my project, how can I place an order online?

Just click on the shopping cart icon at the top right of the screen and proceed with online order or click on File > Order then proceed with online order, and you will be guided by the software on the file sending and payment process. (After settling the payment or strictly at least 50% downpayment, we will then proceed to print your project)

Please note that you will have to continue to project uploading after the order has been placed or the main system will not successful capture your project.

• I am having a problem uploading an order; can I save it offline and send it to PictureBooks E-mail (info@picturebooks.com.ph) or submit it in one of our branches? How?

Yes you can! Here are the steps in sending an Order Offline:

1. Open your project that you wish to order.

2. Click on the cart icon at the top right of screen then choose “Order Offline” or click on File > Order then choose “Order Offline”.

3. Fill in the contact and shipping information, once you’re done just click continue.

4. You will be asked to select an “Order Data Destination”. (please choose a location where you can easily see it (recommended destination: Desktop).

5. After choosing an Order Data Destination, you will be directed to “Save to Disk” window - it will take a few minutes. Once it’s done you will be directed to a new window that says “Your order has been successfully saved. Please burn the saved folder to CD/DVD and mail it to the following address:” (we may do that but we do not want that as it will take much time, we need the product as early as possible, here are the options on how will you send us the saved order - folder): Please take note that all options require a compressed (zip) file, to learn how to compress a file/folder please click here.

• Through PictureBooks’ file uploader:

» Locate your saved order folder and compress it.

» Go to homepage please find and click on “Uploading Section”.

» You will be directed to a web form window, please fill out the information. Once you’re done click “Upload”. (All the information provided will be kept strictly confidential and available only to persons to whom it is necessary.)

» Once your upload is finished, you will receive an automated Email that your file has been successfully uploaded in our server and now ready for checking. (TAKE NOTE: The automated E-mail is just a confirmation that your file has already been uploaded in our server.)

» Please wait within 24 hours for a Confirmation Email from PictureBooks (info@picturebooks.com.ph) if your file is best to proceed with printing or not. If there will be no problem with your file the Confirmation will also include the mode of payment. (Please settle the payment in full or at least 50% down payment is strictly required - immediately to avoid delay of product production).

• Through our branches:

» Locate your saved order folder and compress it.

» Transfer the saved order folder or compressed saved order folder in a Flash Drive (USB).

» Go to the nearest/preferred branch.

» At our branch: One of our Creative-Sales Associate will assist and discuss to you the timeline for your order production and shipping.

» Settle the payment (You can pay in full or at least 50% down payment is strictly required).

Yes, you can use other softwares as long as it can be saved in pdf format (combined pdf is preferred). We accept JPEG strictly in its original size/dimensions (inch) in 300dpi resolution.

Here are some recommended softwares that you can use: Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, and Lightroom, if you’re using Mac OS: Mac iphotos/photos.

Regular photo books:

» After the payment (full or strictly at least 50% down payment) has been settled, production time for your photo book is 5 working days.

True Flat Hard Books:

» After the payment (full or strictly at least 50% down payment) has been settled, production time for your True Flat Hard Book is 7 working days.

Poster Prints, Greeting Cards, Post Cards, and Calling Cards:

» After the payment (full or strictly at least 50% down payment) has been settled, production time for your Poster Prints is 3 working days.


» After the payment (full or strictly at least 50% down payment) has been settled, production time for your Calendar is 5 working days.

Take Note: On the last day of production time (afternoon) your photo product is ready FOR PICK UP ONLY in our Head Office (927 Phoenix Building, Quezon Ave., Quezon City) and at our branches.

Over the Counter payment or Bank Transfer through our authorized banks.

Account name: Central Book Supply Inc.
Account number: 3041 1405 41

Account name: Central Book Supply Inc.
Account number: 802 316 67

• We accept credit card payment through Paypal.

• Through our branches.

Yes, definitely! :) shipping is FREE nationwide!

If within Metro Manila: 1-2 days.

If outside Metro Manila: 2-3 days.

Yes, but at additional cost.